Free Gift Cards Guide

Getting something for free is always good. But very few things in life are free. Free gift cards are no exception. However, with the right information, some planning, and a little patience you can come out way ahead. The biggest hurdle between you and a free gift card of up to $1000 are the program requirements. Often the requirements are simple – sign up for a couple of free trials to monthly services - i.e. NetFlix, Blockbuster, or Gamefly - and get your gift card. Sometimes, though, the requirements are more complex – sign up for 2 programs from the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels plus refer 2 friends within 60 days. The Requirements of Free Gift Cards Often times when people complain about these offers being scams you find out that they did not follow the instructions. And since they didn't follow the instructions they did not receive their free giftcard. The requirements are precise and they can be dealt with but you need to follow the instructions precisely. And I recommend contacting the gift card sponsor whenever you have a question (and avoiding any program that does not provide contact info). #Free Gift Cards are a FOR profit business... Finally, realize that the gift card providers make money from you completing offers. Many of these offers are free trials or low cost trials of monthly services. The gift card provider could make $20 when you sign up for a $5 trial. Being a parent, my favorite was the Dr. Seuss book club. I used to promote this offer myself and would make up $20 for any person that signed up. The offer was great - you got 3 Dr. Seuss books for $5 (plus $5 S&H). Then each month after that they shipped another book at a good price (I think it $5/month). If you’ve tried buying children’s books you know that offer is great. Why not get a gift card as well for signing up? If you pick the right offers for you, then the providers can give you great value on products you already want on top of giving you a gift card to your favorite store or a free laptop. The downside is that you will have to look at several offers before you find the best one for you. The upside is that the information on this site will help you to eliminate many of the offers in less than 2 minutes. Think a $1000 Walmart Gift Card is worth a few minutes of your time? Tips & Tricks for Getting Your Free Gift Card See the full list of Tips & Tricks. #Signing Up Signing up for a free gift card program usually entails providing an email address (see this trick) and a mailing address. I recommend providing a real - but not your primary - email address while also providing them a bogus mailing address during your exploration phase. Then once you've decided to go forward with a particular program sign up again using another real email - not your primary address - and your real mailing address (they will need ot mail you the gift card after all)